You Helped Choose The Winners!

Vehicle # 1-  1980 Chevrolet Corvette

This retro modified corvette is owned by a female Navy Veteran. This car is a family project as she worked on the interior and body; her husband did the engine and electronics; her son the stereo components; and her daughter offered a helping hand when needed.  

LMoffitt Corvette 1980 1.jpeg

Ford small block with a five-speed!

falcon side - Theresa Yinger.jpg
falcon interior - Theresa Yinger.jpg
falcon motor - Theresa Yinger.jpg

Vehicle #2- 1964 Ford Falcon

Vehicle #3- 1966 Chevy II

350 SBC/ Turbo 350 trans with 3500 stall. Mini tub & frame connectors . Also has 4 wheel disc brakes.

zoe side - Theresa Yinger.jpg
zoe interior - Theresa Yinger.jpg
zoe motor 1 - Theresa Yinger.jpg
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #4- 1967 Ford Mustang

This 1967 Ford Mustang hardtop is black with a red pinstripe and a red standard interior with console, factory tachometer, and deluxe steering wheel. It still has the original 390 engine, a 4 speed manual transmission with a Hurst shifter, and a Ford 9 inch traction lock rear with 3.25 gears. Wheels are the original factory styled steel wheels with P215/70R14 BF Goodrich Radial TA tires.

Side-SethCohen1967Mustang - sdcohe@msn.c
FrontFender-SethCohen67Mustang - sdcohe@
Interior-SethCohen67Mustang - sdcohe@msn
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #5- 1988 Pontiac Firebird

I have had this car since I was seventeen. It has been my daily driver, crushed by a tree and now it is a drag car. Originally a Formula it has a 9 inch and currently being swapped too an ls platform and auto after the tko600 and 383 sbc was removed. It has nothing from the original drivetrain at this point. Looks stock until you look underneath.

CFDD924C-28C8-4AB5-9513-42364A61A0BE - R
9FF59AC6-BE0B-4DB7-8EAA-877615536027 - R
90D5CC3E-0C60-4F39-B946-B394767C3C86 - R

Vehicle #6- 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

1966 Chevy II, Series 100, 2 Dr Sedan. Chevy II Sedan. The finest 1966 100 series Chevy II that you will find. This gem is a complete rotisserie restoration with original sheet meta and original color coded (Blue Mist). It has an M-21/4-speed, positraction rear end, correct factor interior, shifter, sheering wheel and dealer installed knee knocker tach and seat belts. No carpet, radio, lighter or back arm rests. Correct wheels, hubcaps, spare jack and tools, N.O.S. anti-lift engine cable, owner's manual, warranty book with protect-o-plate, key knockouts and original sales agreement comes with this gem.

7C8E7AB2-2665-447D-9D20-BE318EE61480 - K
CC903A47-81EF-481C-B0C2-05DF63BD4F7C - K
EFCCAF12-20F2-45FC-B700-3051562F21AE - K

Vehicle #7- 1951 Ford F3

1951 Ford F3 is a 3/4 ton pick up truck, fully restored with all original equipment. It has a 289 Flathead V8 engine with 4 on the floor manual transmission. The truck is in an original Greenmist color from 1951 and has oak bed rails, installed by the current owner.

IMG_8352 - Clark Wagner.jpg
IMG_8349 - Clark Wagner.jpg
IMG_8360 - Clark Wagner.jpg
IMG_8357 - Clark Wagner.jpg
2nd Place.jpg

Vehicle #8- 1964 Chevy Corvair Monza

Before joining the Navy in 1970, drove Corvair convertible to collage. Draft lottery had me joining the service of choice, Navy. Retired 1999 from Navy. Missed my corvair, so my daughter bought me this one. She is a 20 year airforce retiree!

0FF5415B-6F7F-474D-A9D0-41404E75F3C4 - r
79F36418-B3A2-40F7-9567-0CA154FB71E7 - r
99D11D05-2DBF-49D4-8F8B-47DD297951FB - r

Vehicle #9- 1997 Ford Mustang

3rd Place.jpg

Rio Red paint with custom candy top coat 100 shot of nitrous, custom interior, custom rear seat delete, modified Mach 460 sound system, aluminum trunk pan, underhood bling, various suspension mods, cowl hood, Cervini's front bumper. Former rental car. I have owned the car for 18 years. Car has been to shows in 35 states and 3 countries to date. Always driven. 254,000 miles

Interior - King of England.jpeg

Vehicle #10- 2013 Chevrolet Camaro

This is a 2013 Camaro Hotwheels. It has a 6.2L with 400HP with only 12,000 miles. This is a special edition in 2013. Everything is original except the lights by the motor. There were only 1524 Camaro Hotwheels made in 2013 and this one is number 1423.

Hot wheels 2.jpg
Hot Wheels 1.jpg
Hot wheels 3.jpg

Vehicle #11- 2018 Hyundai Elantra

A B-17 / Air Force tribute Car. Veteran owned car honoring all those who serve in the Air Force including the aircrews of the B-17s of WWII. The car features custom vinyl handmade gun barrels and models. 

inbound1227654049620302470 - Robert Kirk
inbound5887915943743921155 - Robert Kirk
inbound5402793041236218398 - Robert Kirk

Vehicle #12- 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

EA8EAACC-79E8-49C9-8FFC-CA2F74D296E6 - V
Runner Up.jpg

Two-door no post, original parts, original engine.

AC4E4599-408C-4F9A-B9F1-2AB1D872478F - V

Vehicle #13- 2001 Harley Davidson Softtail Classic

Navy themed motorcycle. Aircraft Carrier launching jets on the side of the tank. Navy Seals on Air cover and Trans cover.


Vehicle #14- 1970 Chevrolet Short bed Pick Up

This rare short bed  truck has a new driveline from the motor to the rear end. It also has vintage air and is fun to drive on weekends. 


Vehicle #15- 1926 Ford Model TT

A fun uncommon hot rod pickup. Heavily modified chopped 6 inches, channeled 3 inches, Custom frame with a Chevy 327 V8 running a tunnel ram built from scratch and found the body at a farm 

FB_IMG_1561009411160 - Tyler Tower.jpg
FB_IMG_1595718882745 - Tyler Tower.jpg
FB_IMG_1561023121138 - Tyler Tower.jpg

Vehicle #16- 1941 Willys Americar

Driven daily! SBC Automatic.

19F093CC-677D-432B-BBF4-9A5ED896E3C4 - M
D8645BFC-BF72-4490-AB2E-BEF1C9C5935C - M
5BA7382C-32EF-4964-96FC-49A392DABA68 - M

Vehicle #17- 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Garage built, Chevelle ss ls6 200 4r trans

inbound8115238029746809158 - Robert Vanb
inbound7336725091767006057 - Robert Vanb
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #18- 1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7

351 Cleveland with FMX Transmission. Numbers Matching. 1 of 1 according to Kevin Marti Report

Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #19- 1999 Chevy Cobalt

Texas First Silver Edition Cobalt on 18x8 Limited Edition Kronick.

Dallas Cowboys interior and Texas exterior with one of a kind LED license plate that changes 200 colors

inbound158501586071150695 - Brandon Reed
inbound6485637120881444913 - Brandon Ree

Vehicle #20- 1963 Pontiac LeMans

This car was my dad's former drag racer and I have restored it to its former racing glory with some tweaks of my own to make it more streetable and showable. The car's name is The Old Man. The engine is equipped with rare factory cast Ram Air V heads. My dad handmade the intake and headers back during its racing days. I added a FAST dual throttle body EFI system and full interior.

WP_20171108_002 - Dave Smith.jpg
WP_20160805_004 - Dave Smith.jpg
WP_20171108_001 - Dave Smith.jpg
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #21- 1963 Chevrolet Impala

Owned since 99. Built with my father and inherited when he passed away. 383 stroker. Air ride technologies, 383 3 deuce Rochester set up

36C73A0D-0795-4581-9883-F3DC3B02E82E - A
F452AE33-E21B-421D-B356-AAE621E49695 - A
B1F588A1-CA99-45BE-A614-10E0D2119154 - A

Vehicle #22- 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

Restored in a farm shop by me (a farmer) and a couple of retired guys (firefighter & railroader). We call ourselves the “Old Car Guy Daycare. All original. Convertible with factory air, power brakes and steering.

9E47A054-5239-42DF-AC30-E3D26432992A - T
AD54C562-0BCF-47A7-9560-FD076F94A798 - T
377E3D0B-CA4D-4537-9F4C-F5EB5284AC39 - T
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #23- 1984 Chevrolet C10

84 Chevy C10 frame-off restoration that took over two yrs to build. Custom suspension, interior, exhaust and wood bed, and 350 small block w/142 Weiland blower. Custom fabricated inner fender panel covers and custom House of Kolors paint.

2020-06-11 16.36.46 - Candie Hacker.jpg
20161117_190301 - Candie Hacker.jpg
20190125_190205 - Candie Hacker.jpg
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #24- 1998 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail

Restored to honor my father who served in the U. S. Marine Corp.


Vehicle #25- 1929 Ford Model A Pickup 

Modified drivetrain, Ford 302, C4, 9”, IFS. Old family farm pickup that had been wrecked in 1969 and we rebuilt for family fun. The family car turned into a pickup in late ’40s by our uncle after returning from WW2. Parked after wrecked in “69” and we rebuilt keeping the body he created intact. My mother in law learned to drive this as a pickup. Her oldest three siblings learned to drive it as a car.

9F14F5EE-CBDB-4600-A81B-B9F34A2C50F1 - T
15472620-4EF9-4431-BA6E-8299ADE56D63 - T
A12574CE-3075-4F84-806B-A43B933E1162 - T

Vehicle #26- 1967 International Scout 800

First year for the 266 V8. Repainted body and updated upholstery with the dash and driveline all Survives original. You won't find many Scouts and the old school SUV sure is fun to drive with the 17” steering wheel!

D850CA08-9944-46EB-B417-1A3F8CF7376A - T
87EF5812-1C08-4AE6-9F41-A9B2AFC3588D - T
4ECE8C06-169F-42F6-B9B5-D341D9E27458 - T

Vehicle #27- 1938 Ford Tudor Standard

All original restoration all the way down to keeping it 6-volt positive ground and cable brakes. Standard model came with one wiper and tail light. 1938 was transitioning flatheads and this is the 21 stud flathead.

95DA7A84-6007-4177-994D-567DF8008C94 - T
52EF63E8-8A56-4831-A6DA-FC33FF935459 - T
B9E6293A-090B-45E3-89C2-7E9A473ECECC - T

Vehicle #28- 2014 Dodge Charger RT

Unique Dragon Fire Red Charger, Crucial Wraps, Dover Pa Dragon Fire Red, SLP Loudmouth Exhaust, Eibach Suspension, Nich Wheels, Billet Technology

inbound6228712332561950780 - andrew ewin
inbound671725800071487527 - andrew ewing
inbound9004727250385103468 - andrew ewin
Runner Up.jpg

Vehicle #29- 1952 Willys M38 1/4 Ton Jeep

The M38 was produced from 1950-1952 with a total production of 45,473. Our M38 serves as a Rolling Memorial for our Seven SEABEE Brothers of NMCB 14 lost in Iraq in 2004.

In 2004, seven Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 14 were killed and 33 were injured in two attacks in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, while in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those paying the ultimate sacrifice were: HT2 Jason Dwelley, EO3 Christopher Dickerson, SW3 Ronald Ginther, BU2 Robert Jenkins, EO2 Trace Dossett, CM2 Scott McHugh, and BU2 Michael Anderson, affectionately known by members of the battalion as “The Seven”.

3AA3F2B4-AA95-45F7-93D5-F0AD7BBED977 - B
E9DDDE8C-4B2A-405E-A9D1-01BDDAA96BC0 - B
19F25820-52FF-45B3-87A3-251CDED1F61B - B
First Place.jpg

Vehicle #30- 2016 Ford Mustang GT

GT performance package. Airad cold air intake, throttle body spacer, resonator delete, Roush exhaust, 93 octane race tune.

A0AB0E77-EC10-47B9-9964-88D2CB05053E - m
901D7015-D92A-411F-ACD9-A3C9500BF5F5 - m
07E339BF-9DFA-47A0-95F2-D11F4B615D3E - m

Vehicle #31- 1966 Ford Mustang

We’ve spent the last 6 years redoing it, from floor pans to exhaust to 4 wheel disc brakes, etc. really everything but the engine. It has a 351 Windsor.

E588B866-BEF0-4CC5-940C-31F0FE3E5743 - G
ED64EAA3-65BF-4088-9DBD-39BE21002BC9 - G
E4123A69-68F7-4B9C-8595-99475E8AE99E - G

Vehicle #32- 1956 Chevy 210 Post

Candy Apple Red over Canary Yellow base Chevy 210 Post with a 350 crate engine, 400 transmission and 411 positrack rear end. It's a street rod!

The hood is a tribute to those who served, including dog tags on the scoop memorializing 3 Navy EOD soldiers we lost in Kirkuk, Iraq in April 2007. It features the NYC skyline with the twin towers as they are today.

20200525_161905 - Russell Carnes.jpg
front passenger side - Russell
interior6 - Russell Carnes.jpg
Runner Up.jpg

Thank you to everyone who entered a vehicle and to those who took the time to vote!! You made the show a success and helped raise $5, 765 to serve wounded veterans and their families.